Disc separator

The introduction of disc separator

Disc centrifuge, also known as disc centrifuge, is one of the sedimentation centrifuge. As an advanced equipment with high efficiency, high output and high automation, disc separator is used for separation material which is hard to separate, slurry with low solid content, mutually soluble liquid with small proportion of difference and so on. It is a necessary equipment for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, biological, beverage industries and other industries.

Disc separator can be used in cassava starch production process. Its main function in processing of starch is to separate protein and cell liquid  out of slurry. Besides, it can also be used for the enrichment and purification of starch slurry. And in practical starch processing plant, it is normally used with hydrocyclone station to reach a better separating effect so as to improve the quality and whiteness of starch.

cassava processing machineDisc separator

The structure and working principle of disc separator

Disc separator is mainly composed of import and export device, drum, machine cover, vertical axis, horizontal axis, machine seat, motor and automatic control box. The inlet and outlet device can not only visually see the liquid status before and after separation, but also adjust the separation effect by adjusting the flow control valve on the device. The drum part is the core part of the machine. It is connected to the vertical axis by high-precision taper. The vertical axis is a transmission power, equipped with a speed gear and a high-speed rotating component. The horizontal axis is the main part of transmission of motor power to the vertical axis and drum. The cover is a part that connects the fuselage and the inlet and outlet device. It consists of the upper cover, the lower cover and the inlet cover. The automatic control device consists of PLC controller, monitor and control box.

The working principle of disc separator is based on centrifugal field force produced when the equipment rotates at high speed. When working, the drum mounted on the upper end of the vertical shaft rotates at high speed through a motor driven by the drive system. The centrifugal force is different because of different specific gravity of material. The heavy specific gravity solid is deposited on the drum wall, and the solids and a small amount of liquid were discharged out of the machine by PLC control. The light liquid phase flows along the outer cone of the disc to the axis and the upper part, Then it is discharged out the machine from the light liquid outlet. Thus, the separation of solid and light liquid can be achieved.

cassava starch machineStructure of disc separator

The technical parameters of DOING disc separator

Model DYDP445 DYDP520 DYDP550 DYDP800
Capacity m3/h 35 45 75 130130

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel
Bowl diameter(mm) 445 470 550 810
Rotating speed(r/min) 5100 5100 4500 3000
Seperating factor 6480 6900 6230 4950
Power(kw) 37 37 55 110
Disc number(pcs) 73-75 78 125 130
Nozzle number(pcs) 10 10 12 20
Weight(kg) 1500 1800 2100 4200

cassava starch making machineDOING disc separator

The features and advantages of disc separator

1. The hydraulic coupler replaces the traditional friction disc clutch and which ensures clean operation environment.

2. The drum operates smoothly after accurate dynamic balance check, low vibration and low noise.

3. This disc separator can achieve stable and reliable operation because of its frequency conversion startup design.

4. High separation factor and strong separation ability.

5. High rotating speed, low power and water consumption.

6. All contact material parts are made of stainless steel which can prevent the material from polluted, and ensure high quality of final products.

7. This machine is equipped with automatic control cabinet. It is composed of industrial computer and automatic protector of machine overload. It can greatly reduce the working intensity.

8. High degree of automation, strong adaptability to process adjustment.

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