What preparations should do for cassava starch making factory?

In recent years, the development prospects of cassava starch making is very broad. More and more people are engaged in cassava starch making industry, but some people do not know what to prepare for it. If you want to know what preparations should do for cassava starch making, please keep reading this chapter.

cassava starch making machineCassava starch making factory

The first is raw materials. Fresh cassava and cassava slice are the main raw materials for making cassava starch.You can grow cassava yourself, or you can acquire it by buying it. Fresh cassava and cassava slices have relatively high starch content, and the final extraction of starch will be relatively high yield. Of course, it is also important to ensure the quality of raw materials, because the quality of cassava is closely related to the quality of the final cassava starch. Cassava should be fresh. And cassava pieces should be no moldy, no deterioration and no moth.

cassavaCassava and cassava slice

The second is to learn about the cassava starch production line and cassava starch processing equipment. The cassava starch production line includes cleaning section, processing section, drying section and packing section. In this process, the following machines are mainly involved: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, centrifugal sieve, fine file sieve, disc separator, hydrocyclone, peeler centrifuge machine, flasher dryer, starch sifter and packaging machine. Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui Food Engineering Co., Ltd can provide you with full set of cassava starch processing plant.

The third is to choose and purchase equipment purchase. The selection of equipment can be said to be a key link , because the quality of the equipment is related to the quality and extraction rate of cassava starch. When selecting cassava starch equipment, the following factors should be taken into account: production scale, equipment price, equipment quality, equipment output, equipment manufacturer's reputation, etc. The equipment made by Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui Food Engineering Co., Ltd not only has high quality, but has reasonable price.

casava starch production lineCassava starch making machine

The last is the selection of cassava starch production sites. The location of the factory shall meet the following requirements.

1.The cassava starch processing factory should be selected in a well-resourced place with certain power supply conditions to meet production needs. At the same time, there must be sufficient water and the quality of water is.

2.To choose a convenient place to meet the cassava raw materials acquisition and starch products transport.

3.Factory should be away from the source of pollution, and drainage should be convenient. The selected place should have a good sanitary environment and no harmful gases to avoid contamination of cassava starch.

4.The factory area should meet the requirements of production scale.

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