What is cassava starch ? How is cassava starch made from cassava?

Cassava starch is a powder obtained by dehydrating and drying cassava after starch extraction. Cassava starch can be divided into two major categories: original starch and modified starch, which can be widely used in the food industry and non-food industry.

what is cassava starchCassava starch

So how is cassava starch made from cassava?

Firstly, cassava need to be cleaned. This includes dry clean and wewt washing process. Unlike traditional manual washing, modern cassava starch making use dry sieve and paddle washing to remove the impurities attached on cassava. Mechanical production has the characteristics of large processing capacity and short production time.

Then cassava need to be crushed into slurry so that the cell is broken and starch granule can be separated.The more thoroughly cassava is crushed, the higher the starch yield. To improve starch yield, DOING introduced international technology and designed high efficient rasper for cassava crushing, whose cassava breaking rate is more than 95%.

The exteacted starch is then transported into centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve in turn into to remove fibers and other impurities. After this step of how is cassava starch made, it goes into desander to remove sand impurities that influence the taste of cassava starch. Then it enters into hydrocyclone system for concentration, refining and recovering of starch slurry. In this process, the residue fiber, proteins impurities are basically removed.

After the impurities separation process, the obtained cassava milk is pure and need to be dehydrated adn then dried to dry cassava starch for sell. Dehydrating happens before drying to reduce the water content in cassava milk to 38%-40% so that it can be easily dried. Then is last step for how is cassava starch made from cassava, during which wet cassava starch is dried by a flash dryer to desired quality for commercial use.

how is cassava starch madeThe process of how is cassava starch made

Cassava is one of the three largest potatoes in the world and is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions. It is rich in starch, and the processed starch is of good quality, can be used for food or industrially made of alcohol, fructose, glucose, and the like. Because fresh cassava are perishable and deteriorated, they are usually processed into starch, dried chips, cassava flour and cassava pellet as soon as possible after harvesting. In Africa, cassava starch processing is an important way to increase the value of cassava. Traditional in Africa, cassava starch is processed by manual method which is low efficient and low quality, but nowadays, professional cassava starch processing machine are more and more widely used in cassava processing. Doing Company is expert in cassava starch processing machine designing and manufacturing, and we have professional engineers for cassava starch processing technology introduction. If you want to extend the storage time or increase the value of cassava, cassava starch processing is a good choice. And you are welcome to contact us for further equipment consolution and technology support.

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