Tapioca/Cassava Starch: Production and Use

Tapioca/cassava starch production

Cassava starch (also called tapioca starch) is produced primarily by the wet milling of fresh cassava tubers. Just like cassava flour, there is a important shift from dry technology to wet technology in cassava starch production. The traditional dry technology is gradually replaced by modern mechanized production because of the low quality and inefficiency. DOING company has summarized and absorbed the advanced processing technology from Europe. With the strong research and years' improvement, the cassava starch production technology has become increasingly mature.

The main cassava starch production equipment in DOING:

●Dry sieve

●Paddle washing machine

●Rasper for cassava crushing

●Centrifugal sieve

●Fine fiber sieve


●Hydrocyclone station

●Peeler centrifuge

●Flash dryer

●Automatic packing machine


Tapioca/Cassava Starch: Production and UseTapioca/Cassava Starch: Production and Use

The basic cassava starch production processes in DOING (3 sections):

(1) Cleaning section for cassava starch production: The cassava are firstly transported to the dry sieve through the belt conveyor.Dirt, gravel, weeds and other impurities are removed along with the inner spiral belt rotating.The cassava then transported to the paddle washing for the next step.

(2) Processing section for cassava starch production: The cleaned cassava enter into the cassava cutting machine.It is cut into small pieces and then enters into Rasper. The cassava cutting machine can reduce the load and damage for Rasper.Starch slurry coming out from Rasper go into centrifugal sieve to separate fiber and other impurities. Next starch slurry go through the fine fiber sieve to remove finer fiber residue that cannot eliminate in centrifugal sieve.Hydrocyclone station can remove impurities (such as protein, fat etc) and do starch concentration and purification.At last, concentrated starch slurry goes in peeler centrifuge and comes out damp starch with moisture content of 38-40%.

(3) Drying section for cassava starch production: The starch from the peeler centrifuge is further conveyed to the flash dryer for drying, resulting in about 10% moisture content of the finished cassava starch.Finally cassava starch would be packaged by Automatic Packing Machine for easy storage.

Drying section for cassava starch productionDrying section for cassava starch production

What is the uses of tapioca/cassava starch?

Food industry: Cassava starch is widely used in food formulations such as baked goods, snacks, seasonings, soups, sausages, dairy products, meat and fish products , drinks, sugars and baby food.
Paper industry: The application of modified cassava starch in paper industry can improve paper quality, productivity and pulp utilization.
Textile industry: In order to improve textile efficiency, cassava starch is often used as sizing agent to harden and protect yarn. Used as finishing agent to produce fabrics with a smooth feel; Used as toner to obtain clear and durable printed fabrics.
Glue industry: Cassava starch is the most important raw material in the production of both dry and wet glues. When it comes into contact with hot water or chemicals, it becomes sticky and stays sticky.
Wallpaper and other home uses: arious types of starch-based products are used as adhesives for wallpaper and other domestic uses.
Other Uses: Cassava starch is used in many other industries such as Plywood industry, MSG and lysine industries, Medical industry, or Biodegradable materials.

The cassava starch industry is constantly developing and has a bright future. The features of cassava starch is low residuals and favorable flavor properties. So it is widely used in food industry. At the same time, more and more consumers choose lower-fat foods instead of cereal starch to reduced dependence on chemical modifications. This promotes the continuous growth of cassava industry. DOING company is devoted to designing and manufacturing cassava deep processing machine. We can provide from single machine to full set of cassava processing line(cassava flour production, cassava starch production and garri processing machine). We believe we can work together to build your cassava processing business.

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