Prospects of cassava production in Nigeria

Cassava production is essential for Nigeria as it is the world's largest cassava producer country. According to a report by Nigerian Business Day, the Nigerian government plans to transform from a single oil economy to a diversified economy. Cassava is one of the government's strategic plans to develop this advantageous resource. So affected by various factors, cassava production has broad prospects.

cassava production in NigeriaTop 5 cassava producing countries in the world

These prospects include:

Abundant cassava raw material supply and technology support

Favourable climate and suitable land create good circumstances for cassava growing in Nigeria. Many farmers have their own cassava land but they simply understand the cassava planting. Nigeria has experienced cassava scientists supported by the Nigerian IITA and NRCRI. With the development of science, high quality cassava will widely be cultivated. Cassava production will also increase with this situation. It provides a premise for cassava production.

cassava production in Nigeriacassava raw material

Wide applications and big market

Cassava is extensively used and can be processed into starch, flour, garri, alcohol, syrup, sweeteners, and so on. The urbanization has increased the demand for value-added cassava products in the domestic market, such as in the bakery industry, it was a mandatory addition to 10 percent cassava flour. At the same time, the availability of by-products and wastes creates more opportunities for cassava production.

cassava production in Nigeria

Government preferential support

The government implements the protective duties on competing cassava imports. The modest protective tariff policy can propel the economy in Nigeria. And it can promote cassava production in Nigeria.

Commercial cassava production earns more production

As time goes by, the traditional manual operation in cassava production is gradually replaced by machinery. The development of the mechanization degree would improve the productive efficiency and the profit margin. The cassava processing machine in DOING company adopts advanced technology. If you want to improve efficiency, earn more profit and have a commercial cassava production, I believe DOING is a good choice.

cassava production in Nigeriacassava production plant

When you see broad prospects in cassava production in Nigeria, whether you have any ideas about it? Brave steps out this step, you left successfully have also been near one step. DOING Company is a professional cassava machine manufacturer and has over ten years' project experience. Any questions about cassava machine you want to know, please contact us.

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