Cost analysis of establishment of a cassava starch plant

Cassava has strong adaptability, drought tolerance and barren tolerance, and can be planted in both mountains and plains. The main uses of cassava are in food, feed and industrial development. The cassava root contains high in starch, and it is one of the main starch raw materials in starch industry. With the development of science and technology, the optimization of agricultural production layout, cassava starch began to develop into an automated machinery production mode, has become more intensive and large-scale development. In recent years, with the maturity of the starch processing technology, the starch deep processing project has attracted much attention. And the cost of cassava starch plant is a main concern about the starch processing project.

cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

Cost of cassava starch plant generally consists of a large number of factors:

Construction cost: investment required for land and plant infrastructure

Equipment cost: Investment required to purchase cassava starch processing machine

Liquidity: cost to guarantee the factory production and sales marketing liquidity part

cassava starch plantCassava starch plant

Cost analysis: take processing 1 ton cassava as example to analyze the cost of cassava starch plant


Raw materials cost 68$
Electricity cost 0.3$
Water cost 0.45$
Labor cost (5 people, processing 30 tons in all) 1$
Equipment depreciation and other 0.25$
Cost 70$

Raw materials: 1t x 68$ / t = 68$

Electricity cost: 3 degrees / ton x 1 ton x 0.1 $ / kW = 0.3$

Water cost: 3 tons x 0.15$ / ton = 0.45$

Labor cost (5 people per shift, processing 30 tons in all): 5 people x 6$ / person ÷ 30 tons / shift = 1$

Equipment depreciation and other: 0.25$

Cost = raw materials + electricity cost+ water cost + labor cost+ other = 70$

[Sales revenue]:

Starch income 80$
Cassava dregs income 13$
Sales income 93$

1: Starch (4 kg of cassava processed into 1 kg of starch): 320$ / t x 0.25t = 80$

Cassava dregs (13% of fresh cassava): 1 ton x 13% x 100$/t = 13$

Sales income = starch income + cassava dregs income = 93$

[Making 1 ton of cassava gross profit]:

Profit (1ton cassava) 23$
Shift profit (30 tons cassava) 690$
Daily profit (3 shift) 2070$

Sales profit = sales income - cost = 93-70 = 23 $ per shift

Shift profit (8 hours) = 30 tons × 23 $ / shift = 690 $

Daily profit = 690$ x 3 = 2070 $

(Note: Due to different market conditions, the quality of sweet potatoes is different, the utilities are different, and the economic benefits may differ.

cassava plantingCassava planting

Cassava starch production process

Raw cassava transportation-cleaning-washing-cutting-crushing-starch and residue separation-sand removal-hydrocyclone refining-dewatering-drying-sieving and packing

Main starch processing equipment:

The complete set of equipment includes: dry sieve, screw conveyor, paddle washing machine, cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, transit tank, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, starch sieving machine, automatic packing machine.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch plant construction needs:

1 Raw materials: It is recommended that choose the cassava starch plant near the cassava planting site, so that the raw materials are fresh and cheap.

2 Capital: including infrastructure, cassava starch processing machine and liquidity. The price of cassava starch processing machine is mainly affected by three factors: automation degree, production process and equipment material.

3 Water: The construction of the plant requires abundant water resources. When producing starch, a relatively proportion of soft water is required for washing equipment, slurry separation equipment, and hydrocyclone equipment and so on. In addition, daily maintenance and cleaning are also inseparable from water.

4 Power: such as coal, gas, natural gas, electricity, oil, coal, etc. Ensure the abundant availability of power. Note: The power consumption of different starch equipment is different. Please check the circuit problems before the production, so as to avoid the mechanical interruption of electricity during the operation, causing unnecessary losses.

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