Development status of cassava starch production in Vietnam

Cassava status in Vietnam

Cassava production in Vietnam was about 9.40 million tons in 2008, up from only 1.99 million tons in 2000.Currently, there are roughly 551,000 hectares under cassava cultivation in Vietnam in total, primarily in the central, the Central Highlands, south-eastern and northern. mountainous regions. According to another data, from 2001 to 2011, the average annual growth rate of Vietnam's cassava yield was 6%, and the average annual output growth rate reached 10% which makes Vietnam's cassava production ranked tenth among high-yield countries. Pursuant to a Vietnam government development plan for agriculture through 2020.the number of hectares would be cut back to 450.000 producing 11 million tons of cassava tuber annually.

cassava & cassava starchCassava & cassava starch

The situation of production and consumption of cassava starch in Vietnam

In Vietnam, cassava is an important crop ranks third after rice and maize. Cassava now has more competitive advantage for it switch roles from simple crops, plant foods into industrial goods-cassava starch. Cassava starch production in Vietnam bring new opportunity for cassava. The starch content of cassava tuber varies from as low as 15% up to 29% depending on a variety of factors. If it all were used to produce starch, 11 million tons of cassava tuber could easily equate to 1.65 million tons of starch (or roughly 22% of total projected global demand by 2020). Cassava starch production in Vietnam is promising.

Cassava starch production in Vietnam growth rapidly since the Doi Moi (opening) in the late 80's a cassava production used in starch production. In 1988, the cassava starch production in Vietnam used roughly 10% of Vietnam's cassava production. Starch production at that time typically served local markets for noodles and maltose. Liberalization and income growth over the past decade led to growth in demand for starch-based products, and thus in the domestic need for cassava starch production in Vietnam. In the past few years, several large-scale foreign joint-ventures were formed, with significant potential to develop and modernize the starch industry. Small firms still dominate the cassava starch production industry, however. Over 90% of the starch processors in Vietnam have a production capacity of less than 10 tons per hour.

cassava starch production processCassava starch production process

Nonfood industrial uses of cassava are associated with larger scale cassava starch production in Vietnam. The textile industry, for example, uses cassava starch for sizing; the paper industry uses starch for coating high quality paper. As these industrial sectors develop demand for starch. The recent arrival of several large-scale starch-producing firms interested in the production of high-value products has resulted in a much more diverse product offering than was found only a few years ago. The production of fermentation products (MSG and lysine) has started. for example. There is a potential for the cassava starch production in Vietnam to develop along the lines of the more developed Thai starch industry which has put substantial effort and resources into the production of higher value modified starches from cassava.

Vietnam is a classic example of how cassava can contribute to rural industrialization and development. Cassava has become a cash crop in Vietnam. The market for cassava starch production in Vietnam is promising which has increased exports, attracted foreign investment and has contributed to industrialization and modernization of several rural areas. Doing Company is a professional cassava starch processing machine manufacturer, our equipment features with large handling capacity and high efficient, low power and water consumption, easy for installation and maintenance, etc which has imported to Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Mongolia, etc. We can also design and manufacturer equipment according to demand. Welcome to contact us and visit our factory.

cassava starch production in VietnamCassava starch production plant in Vietnam

The situation of consumption of cassava starch production in Vietnam

The features of cassava starch production in Vietnam

1.New varieties of cassava with high starch yield twice the local varieties have brought higher yields and profitability for cassava starch production.

2. Nationwide currently has 8 processing plant for starch and alcohol production which facilitate the cassava starch production in Vietnam.

3. There is a great demand on the export and domestic consumption market for cassava starch.

4. Cassava is easy to available for cassava starch production in Vietnam. Vietnam farmers are actively apply the new techniques for cassava starch production.

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