Is the cassava starch processing business profitable in Nigeria?

Is the cassava starch processing business profitable in Nigeria? As a professional supplier of cassava starch processing machines, Henan Jinrui will answer this question for you based on our past experience of cassava starch processing projects in Nigeria. Cassava starch processing business is profitable in Nigeria. Next, Henan Jinrui will explain in detail for you.

First of all, Nigeria has abundant cassava raw materials required for extracting cassava starch.

Due to Nigeria's unique climate factors are very suitable for cassava cultivation, Nigeria has many large-scale and small-scale cassava plantations. Under optimal conditions, the yield of cassava can reach 80 tons per hectare. Cassava starch is extracted from cassava. If you plan to start cssava starch processing business in Nigeria, your source of cassava raw materials is stable and the price is low(According to local buyers, as of February this year (2020), the price of one ton of unprocessed cassava in Nigeria is between N22,000 and N28,000.). At the same time, cassava starch is highly profitable, so your cassava starch processing business can make more profits.

cassavaFresh cassava from Nigeria

The second reason is that cassava starch is widely used, the market demand is large, and the development prospect is broad.

Cassava starch is widely used in food, paper, textile and other industries. Therefore, no matter in the food and beverage industry, or in the printing and furniture industry, cassava starch is needed. The vigorous development of these industries has promoted the development of the cassava starch industry. According to Pune (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), The global cassava starch market scale is predicted to reach USD 66.84 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.50% during the forecast period.

The third reason is that the Nigerian government has been encouraging the development of the local cassava processing industry.

To fully revitalize the development of the cassava processing industry. The Nigerian government has completely banned the import of cassava starch since 2012. At the same time, bakery and biscuit processing factories are encouraged to use cassava instead of wheat or mix cassava starch and wheat to process bread and biscuits nationwide, and implement zero tariffs on imported machinery and equipment used to process high-quality cassava starch and cassava products.

cassava starch processing manufacturer in NigeriaThree government policies beneficial to the cassava starch processing industry

Finally, with the development of modern technology, the cassava starch processing machine is highly automated and has a high starch extraction rate, which can meet your needs for large-scale extraction of cassava starch.

Take Henan Jinrui's cassava starch processing machine as an example. Henan Jinrui's cassava starch processing machine can realize fully automated production. When installing automated cassava starch production line for you, we will equip you with PLC control cabinet and cassava starch production line monitoring system. Therefore, in the extraction process of cassava starch, no manual operation is required in the production line, only a few people need to operate the PLC control system and monitor the cassava starch production line through computers. The entire cassava starch extraction process can be completed in only 15 minutes, which greatly saves you time and manpower.

cassava starch processing manufacturer in NigeriaFully automatic cassava starch processing machine of Henan Jinrui

In summary, it is profitable to start cassava starch processing business in Nigeria. It should also be noted that before you determine your cassava starch processing plant address, cassava raw material source, sales channel and cassava starch processing machine supplier, it is best to do a specific investigation and research on the local cassava starch industry. This is more conducive for you to make a detailed plan for the cassava starch processing business. As a supplier of Chinese cassava starch processing machines, Henan Jinrui has established branches and overseas warehouses in Nigeria, so we have some understanding of cassava starch industry in Nigerian. We are happy to provide you with more information, and you are welcome to consult us.

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