Cassava production in Tanzania - its cooperation with China

Tanzania and China sign cassava quality inspection agreement

As early as 2017, Tanzania and China signed a Tanzanian cassava quality inspection agreement in Beijing, and farmers who grow cassava will benefit from it. According to the protocol, Tanzania will further cooperate with China on cassava raw materials and processing export trade. The agreement was signed by the ambassador of China, Karruki and Li Yuanping, deputy director of the AQSIQ. Ambassador Karruki said that China will become a stable export market for cassava, and it is necessary to seize this opportunity to promote cassava production in tanzania, introduce advanced technology to increase cassava production, and ensure that products meet relevant standards. The signing of the agreement will promote employment in Tanzania and achieve foreign exchange growth, which will undoubtedly improve the living standards of the people of Tanzania, especially in rural areas.

cassava processingCassava processing

Tanzania joined hands with China to build a cassava pilot project

On January, 2017, Tanzania Agricultural Export Processing Zone Limited and the Tanzanian government cassava pilot project were held.

The Tanzanian Citizens reported that Tanzania Agricultural Export Processing Zone Limited and a Chinese Company (TAEPZ) signed a $1 billion cassava planting and processing cooperation agreement in 2017, which is described as a big boost towards industrialization of Tanzania. The partners said that they will promote the outsourcing of cassava production in tanzania to ensure that the production of cassava can meet the processing needs. To this end, they will establish an industrial park in Mtwara, Lindi and Coast to produce high quality cassava flour, cassava starch, animal feed and organic fertilizer and paper pulp, and will produce industrial sugar and ethanol in the next stage.

The Tanzanian Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) stated that the cassava pilot project is well suited to the current industrialization strategy and addresses the food security challenge. The Tanzanian side will ensure that the project is put into development as soon as possible and that the project is carefully evaluated to meet the Chinese standards. According to TPSF officials, current statistics show that the annual output of cassava production in tanzania about 5.5 million tons, of which TAEPZ consumes about 2.5 million tons of dried cassava.

cassava processing machineCassava processing machine

The website of the Ministry of Commerce of China reported that the Tanzania National Cassava Pilot Project is centered on the cassava industrial park that production, processing and export of cassava. It is a large-scale agricultural industrial cooperation project integrating agricultural industrialization planting and order agriculture and integrating farmers, farms and industrial processing. The project covers an area of ??about 800 square meters. Under the cooperation agreement for cassava production in tanzania, the Tanzanian government will be responsible for the construction of infrastructure such as roads and power supply within the project area.

President magufuli had made a solemn commitment during the 2015 election campaign to introduce Chinese capital, technology and talents to help Tanzania develop the cassava industry. At present, with the joint efforts of the governments of China and Tanzania and investors, the project will help establish the industrialization foundation of cassava production in Tanzania , promote the export of cassava products to China and neighboring countries, thus promote the export of cassava products and earn foreign exchange and inject new vitality for the development of industrialization and agricultural modernization. In addition, the opening of the cassava pilot project will help Tanzan's cassava and cassava products to increase the added value of the products, increase farmers' income, and benefit the farmers of 400,000 cassava cultivation in Tanzania.

cassava processing plantDOING engineer install cassava machine in Tanzania

Ms. Feng Yidan, Chairman of Tanzania Agricultural Export Processing Zone Limited said that the project was implemented with the active guidance of the embassy and the strong support of the Tanzanian government. In response to this project, the company will form a consortium to invest in Tanzania's cassava industrial park, with the cassava industrial park to drive the cultivation of cassava production in tanzania, as well as large-scale order farming. The Tanzanian government will provide infrastructure, land allocation and policy support.

After the official landing of the project, cassava production in tanzania will increase from the current 5 million tons per year to 20 million tons in five years and 40 million tons in ten years. When the project is fully operational, it will bring employment opportunities to 500,000 people and completely change the landscape of the Tanzanian cassava industry. The cassava and cassava production in tanzania can not only cover the country, but also export to the surrounding markets including the Chinese market. This will also make Tanzania the third cassava importer in China after Nigeria and Ghana.

cassava processing machineCassava processing plant project

Ms. Feng introduced that cassava and cassava products are used in a wide range of applications, including food, textile and paper, and even have great medicinal value. In China, the demand for cassava is mainly used as industrial raw materials, which can produce alcohol and starch. The company plans to build four industrial parks for cassava production in tanzania, the first industrial park to be located in Lindi.

In addition, during the ASEAN Expo in September this year, many Chinese traders were interested in participating in the cassava production in tanzania and cassava processing industry. According to the report, in recent years, Chinese traders have invested in the construction of tapioca processing plant in Vietnam. However, through this expo, many traders have deepened their understanding of Tantan's investment, and intend to invest in Tantan to build factories and engage in cassava processing and export.

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