What types of cassava grating machine is popular in Nigeria ?

At present, there are mainly  two types of cassava grating machine in Nigeria market, that is hammer crusher and rasper. The both types of cassava grating machine is used in the grating stage for the processing of cassava starch and cassava flour, and is used for grating the cassava root into cassava pulp. So which kind of cassava grating machine in Nigeria is more popular? Let's talk this issue in detail.

cassava grating machine in nigeriaTwo types of cassava grating machine in Nigeria

The hammer crusher is mainly composed of a casing, a reducer, a motor, a rotary cutter, etc., and can be widely used for grating of root crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, and the like. Its working principle is to use the high-speed rotating blade to grate the raw materials, cassava can be fully broken, it has the advantages of simple structure, low energy consumption, convenient maintenance and low price. The cassava grating machine in Nigeria is polular ans is more suitable for small scale cassava processing plants. In order to reduce the load on the hammer crusher, cassava starch processing plant can be equipped with a cassava cutter machine to extend the life of the crusher. In the processing of cassava flour, it needs to be equipped with a peeling machine, because the cassava skin contains toxic cyanide materials, which need to be removed.

cassava grating machine in nigeriaHammer crusher

Rasper is the most advanced cassava grating machine in Nigeria. Compared with hammer crusher, rasper can realize two-way grating. The boring tool adopts modular design and is more convenient to replace. The contact material is made of stainless steel to ensure the cassava is not contaminated during grating process. In addition, this equipment introduced advanced European technology, cassava grating rate is higher. The rasper of Doing Company grating efficiency is up to 95%.

The rasper is especially suitable for medium and large cassava processing plants, the cassava breakage rate is higher, and the output of cassava processing products is also higher. At the same time, due to the strong pressure of the high-speed rotating rotor, the broken material quickly passes through the screen without blocking the screen.

cassava grating machine in nigeriaRasper

Nigeria is the world's leading producer of cassava. However, since the cassava is extremely perishable and has a short storage time, the cassava must be properly processed after receiving to reduce the loss after harvest. Therefore, more and more Nigerians choose to process cassava into garri, flour, cassava starch or chips. In the process of cassava processing, grating is the most important part for it largely determines the yield of cassava. Therefore the choice of cassava grating machine in Nigeria is important.

In Nigeria, hammer crusher is a better choice for many family-style workshops and small cassava processing plants because of the low cost of the equipment, which reduces both manual labor and pollution during human operations. While large and medium-sized cassava processing plants prefer rasper because this cassava grating machine has high efficiency, good wear resistance and long service life. Therefore, customers can choose the appropriate cassava grating machine in Nigeria according to their own budget and the actual situation of cassava production line.

cassava grating machine in NigeriaCassava processing plant

The above is an introduction to the popular cassava grating machine in Nigeria. Doing Company is professional cassava processing machine manufacturer, DOING cassava grinding machine is not only exported to Nigeria, Tanzania and other countries, but also received favorable comments from customers. The reason why DOING cassava grating machine can be recognized and praised by Nigerian customers, in addition to the fine design and perfect workmanship of cassava grating machine itself, but also because of the powerful functionality and wide applicability of the machine, as well as its property of high efficiency and high stability characteristics. If you want to buy a cassava grating machine, please contact DOING.

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