Cassava drying machine in Nigeria - cassava drying technology updating

Cassava is the main tubers crop in Nigeria and the humid regions of more than eight countries around the world. They provide a source of calories for more than 500 million people around the world and have become the primary or secondary food for almost every Nigerian family. This root and tuber crop must undergo a range of treatments, including peeling, grinding, dehydration and drying, as become a safe human food, livestock feed and for industrial use.

Drying technology is very important due to its numerous advantages, especially for the processing of cassava starch and cassava flour, as both require a drying step. The function of cassava drying machine in Nigeria is to reduce the moisture content of cassava starch or cassava flour to storable moisture and determining the shelf life of cassava products.

cassava drying machine in nigeriaCassava drying machine in Nigeria

For traditional cassava drying, farmers using open sun drying and other old drying methods to store these cassava products to a safe moisture level, which is not only low efficiency, but waste a lot od manpower and material resources, what's more, it cause huge losses. According to statistics, the loss rate of most West African root crops after harvest is as high as 27%, and the loss during processing is the main reason. With the popularity of modern mechanized cassava drying machine in Nigeria, people are looking for new drying method and drying equipment that can be used by local farmers or processors.

Nigeria needs hundreds of 3-5 ton/day cassava drying machine to meet the current demand for cassava starch and cassava flour drying. However, the total production of cassava drying machine in Nigeria produced by Nigerian manufacturers is only 5% of the demand, and the efficiency of the dryers is still not high.

In addition, in tropical countries such as Nigeria, most small family-run workshops for cassava production are located in rural areas, where facilities are limited or not adequate to meet this need. Moreover, most of these rural farmers lack the technical knowledge to operate these equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a cassava drying machine in Nigeria that is high efficient, low-cost and easy to operate.

cassava drying machine in nigeriaCassava drying machine in Nigeria

In view of the above reasons, the flash dryer designed and manufacturered by Ding Company is suitable for Nigerian cassava products productor, which is easy to operate, large in processing capacity, high efficiency and energy saving. The cassava drying machine in Nigeria consists of the thermal energy required by the electrical components of the heating chamber, and the temperature layer within the temperature regulating device. The fan chamber creates air flow inside the dryer, which transports heat to remove moisture from the cassava starch or flour and also acts as a means of transporting moisture from the dryer to avoid condensation and rust of cassava drying machine. In the airflow drying, the quality of the product after drying is best ensured due to the extremely short residence time of the material.

In addition to higher production capacity, cost-effective and high efficient, the cassava drying machine in Nigeria consumes less fuel. This machine will help cassava growers and processors earn more profits and get higher quality cassava products.

cassava drying machine in nigeriaDOING cassava drying machine sales to Nigeria

The machine solves the long-term problem of cassava being perishable in the short term after harvest. The improved cassava drying machine not only doubles the capacity of cassava drying machine in Nigeria currently on the market, but also produces better quality cassava starch or cassava flour.

The development and introduction of this improved cassava drying machine in Nigeria is a win-win situation not only for Nigeria but also for millions of cassava farmers and processors in other cassava producing countries in West Africa. The situation of cassava processing will be improved, which will bring better market opportunities and prices for cassava products to downstream farmers.

Doing Company is a professional manufacturer of cassava deep processing equipment, which can provide complete sets of cassava processing equipment from cassava cleaning, grinding to drying. DOING cassava drying machine can handle 1-10 tons of cassava starch or cassava flour, and can also customize the cassava drying machine in Nigeria according to customer needs.

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