DOING company hold an exchange conference to provide better service for customers

On July 20, 2019, an exchange conference is held in DOING company to discuss how to make customers more satisfied to our products and offer better service. It is attended by invited technical personnels, business personnels and factory workers. The conference make it an ideal platform for people to share views and some experiences in technology and service.

At the beginning of the conference, the theme was cleared to improve technology and customer satisfaction. Then the representative of the sales staff summed up the business situation of the last six months. Generally speaking, customer satisfaction and these outstanding sales performance are the result of the joint efforts of technical personnels, business personnels and factory workers.

DOING company hold a conferenceThe representative of the sales staff summed up the business situation.

Then attendees have a constant talking with each other which was all-around. For technical personnels, in order to meet customers' higher demands on products on products, it should be upgraded and refined technology of products. In business personnels’ view, on the one hand, they should realize abutting joint with technical personnels and factory workers. On the other hand, they should keep in touch with customers, tracking service work. As for factory workers, more importantly, the machine needs to be delivered on time. This conference achieved a seamless connection among the three parties.

DOING company hold a conferenceEverybody exchange views.

As the conference comes to an end, DOING company workers is still aglow with high feelings. Through this conference, it can not only provide an opportunity for workers in technical and emotional communication, but also promote the DOING company development.

Improving customer satisfaction, the most basic way is to " meet the demand effectively”. So Henan DOING company is constantly devoted to technology upgrading and innovation to meet customers’ demand in a better service. With the efforts of DOING company, it also gradually gets many customers’ recognition.

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