Cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria

The establishment of cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria is booming in recent years. With the abound of cassava raw materials and the support of the local government, now Nigerian tends to set up cassava starch plant and benefit from it.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machine

According to the report of May 6th, Nigeria is working with other West African countries to double the output of cassava before 2050 to cope with a possible food crisis. Although the production of cassava in Africa accounts for 55% of the total global output, only 10 tons per hectare are produced in the region and 21 tons in the Asian region, thus increasing the productivity of the West African region and increasing the efficiency of the land resources is also an inevitable trend. Cassava as a traditional staple food in Africa, through the establishment of efficient industrial chain, it can effectively secure the future food security in West Africa. Cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria appears as a new type of cassava raw material solution.

The increase of cassava production will inevitably bring the acceleration of agricultural industrialization. That’s why the development of cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria will mature in the next years.

cassava starch processing plant in NigeriaCassava starch processing plant in Nigeria

Doing company is professional in the innovation of cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria. The centrifugal sieve created by our company is a fully automatic intermittence discharge filtering centrifuge, including ordinary scraper discharge and siphon scraper discharge centrifuge. The machine can operate manually or automatically cycle. The operation time of the filtration process in different stages can be adjusted at will. It mainly suitable for the separation of the suspending liquid containing fine particles in.

GK horizontal scraper discharge centrifuge run at full speed, open the feed value, suspension through bucket into the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase will through the filter medium and then been thrown away from small holes in the drum body. However, the solid phase will trap in the filter medium becoming filter cake. When the filter cake reaches a certain thickness, close the feed valve and wash the solid phase, turn it into dry. Finally use the rotating scraper to unload the filter cake. The material will discharge in one of two ways, through weight or spiral output. The cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria is completely high efficiency in the extraction plant.

cassava starch processing machinePeeler centrifuge

The agricultural development model is urgently needed to be changed in Nigeria: the way to promote innovation based on the core of the private sector and to increase grain output is needed. Therefore, the innovation of cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria is one of the best ways to increase the added value of grain. At present, the average age of the nun farmers is 65 years old, and it is imperative for more young people to go into agriculture. Getting credit is part of the biggest challenges for agriculture in Nigeria, Global agricultural lending rates average between 2.5% and 3%, and the government is pushing agricultural lending rates down to 5%. If it is not, the agricultural progress will be no way to go.

Cassava starch processing machine in Nigeria should lead the investment to the partner actively, animal husbandry should establish large pasture to keep steady development and guarantee the interests of the farmers. Increasing agricultural insurance and other innovative reform measures to reduce agrarian development risks to meet the growing population demand for food. In short, achieving food security can ensure the continued prosperity of the Nigerian economy.

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