A cassava chipping machine ordered by Nigerian client has been successfully delivered

On June 29th, 2022, the cassava chipping machine ordered by the Nigerian client has been successfully delivered to Nigeria from the Nigerian warehouse of henan jinrui company.

This cassava chipping machine is mainly used to cut cassava into slices to make animal feed. As a best-selling stand-alone in our company, it has a large capacity and high efficiency, with a processing capacity ranging from 1 T/H to 8T/H, which solves the problem of low efficiency in cassava chips manual production.

cassava chipping machine in nigeriaThe cassava chipping machine was sent to Nigeria

After receiving the cassava chipping machine order, our factory quickly packed and delivered the machine for customer after inspecting and guaranteeing the quality of the machinery. In order to ensure that the chipping machine is not damaged during transportation, the factory will pack it in a wooden box and put it in a container to transport. The customer will receive his order after about a week and henan jinrui sincerely hopes that our client can put into production as soon as possible.

Henan jinrui company has a mature and complete manufacturing system, business marketing system and after-sales service system. We have always been committed to providing our customers with high-quality machines. If you are planning to buy cassava chipping machine, welcome to leave us a message or call us directly.

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