Tapioca starch manufacturing process

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Tapioca starch is a kind of starch extracted from tapioca. Tapioca starch manufacturing process takes tapioca as the raw material, through grinding the washed tapioca into slurry, separating the impurities in starch slurry and drying the starch to get final edible starch. With advanced tapioca starch processing machine, the whole process is completed less than half an hour.

tapioca starch manufacturing process Tapioca & tapioca starch

The following is the detail introduction of tapioca starch manufacturing process

1.Raw material receiving unit: The raw material receiving unit is the first step in tapioca starch manufacturing process. The main purpose of this unit is to remove the preliminary impurity of cassava and store it in the raw material storage and in the hopper. The tapioca is weighed on a weighing scale and hauled to a cassava yard, where it is transported by forklift to a cassava storage hopper.

2.Raw material transportation and cleaning unit: The cassava stored in the cassava hopper is transported to dry sieve through the conveyor belt, where the impurities such as sand and gravel mixed into the raw materials during harvesting are removed in tapioca starch manufacturing process.

3.Raw material washing unit: Clean raw materials play an important role in potato processing, washing unit is an important step in the pretreatment stage in tapioca starch manufacturing process. This unit is to remove the sand, dirt and slag from cassava completely. Cassava is transported into the paddle washing machine which adopts the principle of counter-current washing principle to achieve the washing of tapioca.

tapioca starch manufacturing machineTapioca washing machine

Then the tapioca is stored in temporary clean silo for storage in tapioca starch manufacturing process. The volume of the temporary clean silo is generally designed to be capable of storage for half an hour of production.

4.Grinding unit: Grinding unit is the most important part in tapioca starch manufacturing process which affects the extraction rate of tapioca starch. Efficient rasper allow the starch particles in cassava cells to be released completely, ensuring that the amount of bound starch in tapioca dregs is kept to a minimum. DOING rasper is a high efficient grinding machine with a breaking rate more than 94%.

5.Starch slurry desanding unit: The grinded starch slurry is pumped into the desanding cyclone through a screw pump. The sand in slurry is discharged in tapioca starch manufacturing process to ensure the taste of final starch. The specially manufactured ceramic cyclone pipe is durable, and the specially designed air bag valve can automatically discharge the sand at regular intervals.

tapioca starch processing machineTapioca starch separating machine

6.Separation unit: The centrifugal separation unit is another key unit that affects the yield of tapioca starch in the whole tapioca starch manufacturing process. Good centrifugal screen and technology can be used to extract free starch from cassava cells. The extraction unit is made up of a centrifuge sieve with a fine fiber sieve.

7.Concentration and refining unit: Concentration and refining is another important unit in tapioca starch manufacturing process. The quality of starch is guaranteed by the cyclone refining unit. The multi-stage hydrocyclone station can ensure the washing effect, better remove the impurities such as fiber and protein contained in the starch milk, and ensure that there is no impurity in the starch milk coming out from the cyclone station. The starch milk from the cyclone station is pumped into a stainless steel starch milk storage tank with a stirrer.

tapioca starch processing machineTapioca starch dehydrating machine

8.Dehydrating unit: The moisture content of starch milk from cyclone is too large to dry directly, so it needs to be dehydrated first to make the moisture content of starch below 40%. Peeler centrifuge is the widely used starch dehydrating machine in tapioca starch manufacturing process which features with excellent performance, simple and stable operation.

9.Drying and packing unit: The dehydrated starch is further dried to the required moisture content of commercial starch in tapioca starch manufacturing process. Flash dryer is a high efficient starch drying machine which can dry the starch in 2-3 seconds.After drying, the moisture content is about 14%. Then the starch is packed into 25-50 kg per bag by automatic packaging machine.

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