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Tapioca starch extraction process

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Tapioca root is a high quality starch processing raw material. And the fresh tapioca root starch content accounts for 25% to 32% which is widely used for tapioca starch extraction process. The whole extraction process of tapioca starch adopts wet processing technology, including cleaning, washing, grating, starch slurry separation, desanding, concentration and refining, starch milk dehydration, negative pressure drying and packing.

In tapioca starch extraction process, first the uprooted raw cassava tubers are cleaned and washed with the use of tapioca starch processing machine, then the clean cassava is taken to the rasper. The function of the rasper is to mill the cassava into pulp. The pulp is then taken to pulp screening machine to separate the starch and fiber. It also extracts starch from the pulp. Attached to the screening machine is an equipment that collects the extracted starch from the pulp. At this stage in tapioca starch extraction process, the starch is concentrated and refined and is still wet. From here the starch slurry is taken to the dewatering machine and drying machine. After decreasing the moisture content in starch, the dried starch that meet the commercial demand is packed for marketing.

tapioca starch extraction processTapioca starch extraction process

Then is the detail introduction of tapioca starch extraction process

1.Cleaning: Cleaning is the foundation of the subsequent processing in tapioca starch extraction process. It mainly used for remove sundries attached on tapioca roots. Though simple in theory, it is an important step.

2.Washing: The cleaned cassava is transported into paddle washing machine to further remove the soil, dirt, sand and other debris in tapioca starch extraction process.

3.Grating: The next stage in tapioca starch extraction process is grating which is done by the rasper. The function of the rasper is to mill the raw tapioca to tapioca starch. This is an important stage for its decisive role in starch yield. The more starch obtained, the higher starch yield is.

Tapioca starch extraction machineTapioca washing machine

4.Starch slurry separation: This stage serves to separate fibers out of starch slurry. Multi-stage centrifuge sieve is adopted in tapioca starch extraction process for better separation effects. And fine fiber sieve is used after that to further separate fine fibers.

5.Desanding: Desander is a machine used to separate the sand out of starch slurry to improve the taste of tapioca starch. In this process in tapioca starch extraction process, the sand is discharged from bottom, while the slurry comes out from the top of the desander, and the fine sand grains in the starch slurry are removed to further improve the starch precision.

6.Concentration and refining: The starch undergoes thorough concentration and refining process to separate insoluble protein and residual soluble protein and other impurities from the starch. In tapioca starch extraction process, hydrocyclone station serves for this purpose.

Tapioca starch extraction machineTapioca starch drying machine

7.Starch milk dehydration: Then it's time for dehydration. In tapioca starch extraction process, dehydrating process is achieved by peeler centrifuge which is automatic scraper-unloaded machine. The required moisture content after dehydration is about 38%-40%.

8.Negative pressure drying and packing: Flash dryer is used for drying process which taking use of negative pressure to complete the drying process in tapioca starch extraction process. The temperature of the dryer must be that of the sun, between 27 c to 37 c, in order not to change the color from the starch to black or brown. The starch is dried to 0.5 of its moisture content. Then the final starch packaged by semi-automatic packing machine appropriately.

All in all, the above are the steps involved in tapioca processing in tapioca starch extraction process. As a experienced and professional starch deep processing equipment manufacturer, the tapioca starch processing machine produced by the Doing Company is characterized by novel structure, convenient operation, stable operation, high production efficiency, low energy consumption and small occupation area. Welcome to contact us for equipment for tapioca starch extraction process.

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