What are process of making cassava starch?

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Cassava is adaptable to arid and barren land, mainly distributed among the tropics which is mainly used for food, forage and industrial development. cassava root is one of the main raw materials for producing and processing starch due to its high starch content.

Production technology for the process of making cassava starch

Cassava conveying - De-mixing - Cleaning - Drum washing - Cutting - Crushing - Screening - Cellulose separation - Protein separation - Sand removal - Dehydration - Starch drying - Cooling -Fine sifting - Packaging

process of making cassava starchProcess of making cassava starch

Production line specifications:

The specifications include: 25 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, 1500 kg/h, 2000 kg/h, 3000 kg/h, 5000 kg/h, 10000 kghh of cassava starch production line.

Various specifications and production lines for process of making cassava starch are available. After decades years of production accumulation and technological innovation, Doing Machinery has reached the leading level in the international starch industry. The starch quality has reached the national standard level and the starch extraction rate is over 95%.

The consumption of tons of starch

Power (kw/h) 70-100
Coal (kg) 90-120
Water consumption (m³) 8-10
Labor requirement 8-12

process of making cassava starch3D flow chart for cassava starch making plant

Here are the detail description of the process of making cassava starch

Raw material selecting and conveying: Select excellent varieties, mature fresh cassava for , and timely conveying cassava for processing.

Raw material cleaning: The cleaning is designed to remove sediment from the cassava roots and remove most of the outer epidermis, as well as removing some hydrofluoric acid because the hydride toxins are concentrated in the cassava cortex. Cleaning principle for the process of making cassava starch: fresh cassava keeps turning forward in the drum, rubbing and colliding with the spiral on the inner wall of the drum to remove the sediment and outer peels of the cassava root. The cleaning of cassava must be thorough, as the dirt is easily adsorbed by starch particles, which can be difficult to remove in subsequent processing, affecting the color and quality of the starch.

Raw material washing: Clean water is used in this process of making cassava starch to remove dirt, dust and other contaminants attached to cassava.

cassava starch making machineCassava washing machine

Cassava cutting and crushing: The washed cassava is firstly cut into small piece to facilitate crushing. Meanwhile, it can reduce the burden of crushing machine. The purpose of crushing in the process of making cassava starch is to destroy the structure of the cassava tissue, releasing starch particles from the cells. The current general use of secondary crushing technology, so that cassava tissue more fully disintegrated in cassava starch manufacturing process.

Starch pulp screening: The purpose of screening for the process of making cassava starch is to separate starch from fiber in starch pulp. The free starch content of cassava dregs after washing by screening should be less than 5%, the fiber impurity content of starch milk should be less than 0.05%, and the concentration of starch milk should be 5-6 baume.

Starch milk concentration and purification: This process of making cassava starch removes impurities such as insoluble protein, soluble protein, fat and fiber in starch milk by washing them with starch. Refining takes as little time as possible, because the slurry is prone to biochemization and mildew and produces stable complexes between starch, protein and fat. At the same time, the abundant nutrients in the cytoplasm can make the microorganisms quickly breed and produce alcohol and butyric acid.The above changes will affect the color and quality of starch products.

cassava starch making machineCassava starch sifting machine

Meanwhile, in order to inhibit the action of oxidase and microorganism, it is necessary to ensure that the production water contains certain concentration of sulfur dioxide or other chemicals.

Starch dehydration and drying: For the process of making cassava starch, the moisture content of the wet starch after cassava dehydration is required to be lower than 40%. The wet starch after dehydration is dried to further reduce water content, the steam pressure is controlled at 0.8mpa in cassava starch production line, and the water content of the finished starch after drying is less than 14%.

Starch sifting and packing: Cassava starch after drying is collected to starch sieving machine to sife out large starch particles so as to meet higher standards. Then it should be timely packaged for storage for process of making cassava.

The whole process of making cassava starch is high degree mechanized, the floor space is small, the operation is simple, and the labor intensity is low.

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