How do I start cassava starch production business?

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If you want to start cassava starch production business, there are many factors need to be considered. As a professional cassava starch processing machine manufacturer and supplier, I suggest you to consider the following four factors: raw material supply, plant land, sales market for cassava starch product,cassava starch production equipment.

①You need to consider raw material supply.

The first thing is raw material supply. To get high starch yield, fresh and good quality cassava tubers are required. If raw cassava is stored for too long time, starch is easily to be converted into sugar, reducing starch yield. Therefore, it’s better to process raw cassava within a week after harvest. Whether you plant cassava in your own farm or buy from other farmers, you should ensure that you can get enough and stable supply.

②You need to consider the plant land.

The second thing is cassava starch processing plant land. It’s suggested to choose site location which is closed to raw material area. Besides, road should be smooth for in and out transportation. What’s more, electricity and water is required for cassava starch production, you need to ensure their availability.

cassava starch processing plantCassava starch processing plant

③You need to consider the sales market for cassava starch product.

The third thing is sales market for cassava starch product. Cassava starch has wide application in food and non-food industries. Here is a table chart to show the detailed uses of cassava starch for reference.

Food industry

bakery products; confectioneries; canned fruits, jams and preserves; monosodium glutamate(MSG); commercial caramel.

Non-food industry

corrugated cardboard manufacture; wallpaper and other home uses, moistening gums,foundry; well drilling;paper industry; textile industry; wood furniture;starch hydrolysis;the production of dextrose.

④You need to consider cassava starch processing equipment.

The fourth but very important thing is cassava starch processing equipment. It is very important to choose right machines. You should consider about production capacity, quality, equipment quality, configuration of the equipment, after-sales service.

Cassava starch processing machineCassava starch processing machine

A.Production Capacity

Firstly production capacity depends on you raw material supply status, your budget for machines, your land size etc. Henan Jinrui company can give you professional advice based on you condition.

B.Equipment quality

Secondly equipment quality is key to ensure long term operation of equipment. Henan Jinrui guarantee that all parts of cassava starch production equipment that may contact with cassava is made of stainless steel which will have long service life and ensure safety food production.

C.Configuration of the equipment

Thirdly,the configuration of cassava starch production equipment is very important for starch extraction rate. Generally speaking, the higer configuration of equipment, the higher starch extraction rate. Cassava starch production equipment supplied by Henan Jinrui can achieve high starch extraction rate which is above 95%.

D.After-sales service

The last but not the least thing you need to consider about is after-sales service. After equipment arrive client’s site, Henan Jinrui can arrange engineer team to guide installation works, do commissioning until equipment run smoothly. We provide lifelong technical service, online support, video support and drawings support.

Wanna to start cassava starch production business? Feel free to contact us to get professional advice and more details!

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