Cassava starch extraction process

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Cassava starch extraction process is the most important process in cassava starch production line which determines the cassava starch yield. Therefore it is important to choose high quality raw material and high efficient cassava starch extraction machine.

1. Raw material overview

Cassava originated in tropical America and has a cultivation history of about 4,000 years. It is a perennial sub-shrub, otherwise known as cassava, wood sweet potato, and underground potato. It is part of the world's three major tuber crops (potato, sweet potato, cassava). The roots are cylindrical which is mainly used in cassava starch extraction process.

potato & potato starchCassava& Cassava starch

Cassava is mainly used as food, feed and starch extraction process, and it can be divided into two types of sweet and bitter varieties. Since all parts of cassava plants contain hydrocyanic acid, when using cassava roots and leaves as food and feed, attention should be paid to detoxification, soaking, slicing, peeling and cooking, and grinding of starch. Slice drying generally removes 75% of hydrocyanic acid and it is very small after cassava starch extraction process.

The delightful variety can be safely used after peeling and cooking or slicing. After the detoxification treatment, the bitter variety can also be eaten and fed, but it is mainly used for processing into starch. The cassava root has a high starch content, and the fresh cassava starch content is 20%-35%, protein content is 1-2%, fat content is 0.3-4.3%, cellulose content is 1-2%, ash content is 1% and water content is 60%-80%. Cassava is a good raw material for cassava starch extraction process

cassava starch extraction processCassava starch extraction process

2. Introduction to cassava starch extraction process

The design adopts advanced, scientific, reasonable and mature technical processes at home and abroad: one-time cleaning, secondary pulverization, secondary washing, separation, dehydration, and negative pressure airflow drying production process, which has high yield and high whiteness.

3. Main technical cassava starch extraction process

This cassava starch extraction process uses fresh cassava as raw material to produce starch that meets the requirements of customers.

The first is conveying cleaning:

The fresh cassava piled up in the stockyard is collected through the ground, transported by a belt conveyor to a peeling and degumming machine. The rind, dirt and debris therein are initially removed by the frustration of the stirring ribs in the peeling and mud remover. After the two sections of cleaning of the trough and the drum, the mud and sand and other impurities on the surface in the cassava starch extraction process have been basically removed, and the peeling rate can also reach about 80%. Then the clean cassava enters the disintegration process.

potato cleaning machineCassava cleaning machine

The second is the rasping:

The cleaned cassava is pulverized by a rasping machine, which blows the structure of the raw material in the cassava starch extraction process, so that the tiny starch granules can be disintegrated and separated from the cassava roots. With water as the medium, after two pulverizations, the cassava is slurred, and the starch syrup that has been pulverized once passes through a 6-8mm sieve. The secondly disintegrated starch puree passes through a 1.2-1.4 mm meshes. The starch has been substantially freed out and becomes a slurry mixture which is divided by a pump into a vertical sieve.

The third is screening:

The slag mixture is separated by four vertical slag separators, and the separated cassava waste is transported to the slag field. The refined starch milk has reached the finished product standard in terms of thickness.

The cassava starch extraction process will be expected to be completed step by step. With the purification of starch components, the cassava starch produced by our Doing equipment will have good quality.

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